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BDAV 2018
10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge

The BDAV's 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge is for conceptual projects that combine admirable architecture with efficient planning solutions and materials utilisation. The Challenge offers the building design fraternity the opportunity to design 10-Star energy efficient homes, and be recognised for their design abilities and expertise in sustainable design responses, as well as positioning BDAV Members as leaders in environmentally sustainable design. The Challenge aims to raise awareness that good design reduces greenhouse emissions and household bills. The BDAV acknowledges that, although 10 Star houses are probably only appropriate for those in the community who are totally committed to 'making a difference', those designers who 'know what it takes' will design cost-effective 6, 7 and 8 Star houses with ease.

The Challenge was to prepare a residential design across any climate zone in Australia and achieve a NatHERS 10 Star energy rating. We all know that is difficult feat, and we congratulate the entrants, who all achieved 10 stars.

Winner: Hacksaw House

The inspiring 'Hacksaw House' takes a refreshing approach to Passive Solar Design. The concept was to mould a house form around simple passive house principles while creating visual interest. It investigates alternatives to the more traditional north-south floorplan, and results in an unusual form. A bold yet simple design, with the zig-zagging north-facade inviting the sun to penetrate deep into the house for long hours throughout the day. Materials and specifications were considered to be affordable while relatively low in embodied energy, and the plant shading structures create a direct connection to the natural environment. Overall it is an exceptional and admirable building design with a highly creative and innovative approach. A worthy winner.

Commendation: Sagacious Today

This design goes beyond being 'just 10 Stars' and carefully considers all aspects of sustainability. The conservative floor plan demonstrates space efficient design, resulting in a compact building and an efficient volume. It is a thorough and wholesome case study, looking at passive solar design and thermal performance, embodied energy and life cycle assessment, affordability, a healthy living environment, regenerative energies and interaction with the surrounding landscape.