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10 Star Challenge Finalists 2011

10 Star Challenge Finalists

The finalists in the BDAV’s inaugural 10 Star Challenge in 2011 were:

Bernadette Lewis has delivered a simple cost effective dwelling with very modest specification including double-glazed windows, with an architectural expression that would not be confronting to a vast majority of conservative house buyers.

Bernadette has worked in the residential housing sector for 25 years primarily in volume building. She achieved her energy rating qualification and registered in 2001 and has a keen professional interest in the practical application of cost effective design solutions within accepted conventional construction methods to provide comfortable sustainable living.


Lifehouse Design in collaboration with Crosby Architects and Lewin Consulting have ‘ticked the boxes’ and given us a sophisticated, simple, elegant, house with a two-storey component. The modular wall treatments would facilitate minimisation of construction material waste and reduction of inefficient site labour processes.

The collaboration between Lifehouse Design, Crosby Architects and Lewin Consulting for the 10 Star Challenge developed from a shared vision to explore less energy-intensive building methods and products. This is supported by a genuine interest in wine, and creating more socially conscious, pleasing built environments.


Maxa Design submitted two designs and their second submission is one of the smallest solutions. The compact, efficient layout would give one of the best opportunities for 10 star performance to be made available at the lowest entry cost.

Maxa Design specialise in, and are passionate about, designing innovative energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. In conjunction with traditional building design services, Maxa Design review each and every project’s opportunities and constraints in regards to becoming more sustainable and therefore more energy efficient. “Our passion and experience are the driving force in developing designs that make a point of difference,” said Sven Maxa.


Positive Footprints have resolved a simple rectilinear layout with thermal mass spine wall and delivered north solar access into south side bedrooms via a row of clerestory windows. In addition to winter gain, these high level windows will allow for the best access to summer night purging ventilation in a single storey house.

Positive Footprints is a design and building company that specialise exclusively in leading edge sustainable design.  By combining both the designing and building into one company, they ensure the integrity of the vision is achieved, with homes that are beautiful to live in, and which tread lightly in style.


Sunpower Design designed a refined, sophisticated solution that combines a swoopy main façade which facilitates earlier morning solar access to the north-east and a roof drainage arrangement that all heads in the one direction, to the water tank. The services zone of the floor plan is topped by a north facing skillion roof for integration of solar appliances.

Sunpower Design are specialist designers of energy efficient and sustainable homes, with over 30 years’ experience. Sunpower designed buildings become an investment for future generations, by inspiring clients who want to make a difference to their environmental impact, significantly reducing their energy consumption at the same time creating aesthetically exciting space to live in.

10 Star Challenge Entrants

The following entrants in the BDAV’s inaugural 10 Star Challenge achieved 10 Stars:

  • Advantage design/draft in conjunction with Butler Energy Efficiency Ratings
  • Design Unity
  • Effective Thermal Solutions
  • environ design & consultancy
  • F2 Design (Tim Adams and Josh Fraser
  • Jason Gloz
  • Ikonomidis Reid
  • Impact Design Consultants
  • Lead Design (William Ling Lin)
  • Bernadette Lewis
  • Lifehouse Design, Crosby Architects, Lewin Consulting
  • Maxa Design
  • David Palmer, Andy Bancroft and Glen Campbell
  • Positive Footprints Pty Ltd
  • Rujun Rao
  • Logan Shield
  • Siân Willmott and Caitlin Conley
  • Studio G Architecture in collaboration with Cundall
  • Sunpower Design Pty Ltd
  • Sustainability House

The BDAV thanks all those members who have made the substantial commitment of time and energy to participate in the 10 star Challenge, and we hope that others will be encouraged to participate in the future. The clear indication is that the effort has been well rewarded by enhanced development of design skills that will be invaluable in future work.

10 Star Challenge Sponsor

The BDAV thanks Kingspan Insulation for sponsoring the inaugural 10-Star Challenge.