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Best Multi-Residential Design Over Six Dwellings

Inverloch Project

Peter J Jackson Building Design Consultants for Inverloch Project
(03) 9557 4790

“Our brief was to design holiday rental apartments located in the coastal town of Inverloch,” said Peter Jackson. “This was to be an exciting alternative in beachside holiday accommodation which would be something completely different from the ordinary. The accommodation was to be a fun and inspirational environment which would evoke the holiday spirit of escapism, relaxation and entertainment. Our client wanted people to get surprised upon first glance of the apartments, and feel even more excited upon entry,” added Peter.

“Our client’s initial intention was to make maximum use of the available site area with five two storey holiday apartments. However, after much consultation, we decided to take a different approach by designing a series of ten smaller and more intimate apartments with the emphasis on the smart use and conservation of space. We wanted to “touch the site lightly” with modestly proportioned yet open planned loft-style apartments in comparison to five “heavy” units. The use of lightweight materials such as timber cladding, fibre cement sheet and Colorbond steel help to emphasise the light weight nature of the development. A feeling of internal openness is achieved through a series of loft and mezzanine levels playfully yet functionally connected by a series of open and closed stair flights. Spacious deck areas committed to outdoor living and entertaining provide a viewing platform towards the nearby beach. Clever design has ensured that there are no wasted spaces,” said Peter.

“The Judges agreed that the design of these multi-residential holiday apartments has created something unique in holiday accommodation,” said Geoff Hoare, Chair of the Judging Panel. “The building makes best use of the site, and its architectural form creates an interesting group of buildings. Materials and colours are used to effect and subtle modifications in materials allow easy identification of the individual units.”