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Best Use of CAD

Somers Project

Solar Solutions Design & Drafting for Somers Project
(03) 9801 7247

“The client’s brief was to design an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy home in Somers with stunning views coastal views to the southwest,” said Darren Evans of Solar Solutions. “They wanted the home to remain comfortable throughout the year without the need for large heating or cooling systems and required the use of low maintenance materials on the building.”

“Comprehensive documentation and detailed 3D visualisation gave our client the confidence to undertake this project as an owner builder,” said Darren. “They were able to build the home exactly as it was designed, and save over $100,000 through good detailing and efficient use of product.”

“Our customised 3D/visualization techniques enabled the clients to accurately view the home on its contoured site before it was ever built; this included full material and colour selection. Our specialised photometric lighting system, coupled with advanced daylight systems, helped to produce high end stills and animations at an economical cost,” said Darren.

“The Judges agreed this entry demonstrated an excellent use of CAD,” said Geoff Hoare, Chair of the Judging Panel. “Darren’s team combined all the electronic artistic tools available within the software to produce a realistic representation of the proposed design concept. The resultant electronic document demonstrated a true depiction of material, texture, colour, light and shade, which presented the design in the best possible way. Indeed, it was difficult, in some cases, for the Judges to discern the difference between actual photos and the computer representation!”