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Best Design of Environmental & Energy Efficient Buildings

Woodstock Sustainable Home

Sunpower Design for Woodstock Sustainable Home
(03) 9386 3700

(Also winner of Building Design of the Year 2004, and Best Residential Design: 201-300sqm. Refer to those descriptions too.)

“The project was the result of an extremely rewarding relationship between client and designer where they gave us maximum design freedom and responded so warmly to our suggestions,” said Andreas Sederof of Sunpower Design.

Some of the key energy efficient aspects of this project are:

The external walls are a combination of rendered fibre cement sheet, cypress macrocarpa weatherboards and AAC blockwork. Cypress marcrocarpa is sustainably sourced from wind breaks. Both products were chosen for their low embodied energy and in the case of the AAC blockwork, its inherent insulation and acoustic properties. The unique nature of AAC contributes also to some thermal mass. The external walls were bagged and painted with “The Paint” - a cement based paint with a 20 year life. Some feature Shadowclad cladding also appears on the north face. Eaves have been clad in copper as a design feature.

Thermal Mass & Insulation:
Thermal mass is provided by the concrete slab, AAC and the rammed earth wall. Wool/ polyester batts were installed in the walls and ceiling to provide R1.5 to walls and R3.5 to ceiling. Air Cell was used as a roof blanket and due to its excellent reflective properties, increased the R rating by up to R1.5.

All windows and glazed doors are double glazed with 6-10mm argon gas space between panels and weather stripped to prevent draughts. The south facing sunspace has been glazed with Low E double glazed panels.

Maximum usage of cross flow ventilation has been allowed through strategic in window placement and by most windows utilizing casement mechanisms which increase the size of the openable window for maximum summer ventilation. Doors and windows are heavily draft proofed for winter comfort.

First Rate Evaluation
The extension achieves a First Rate Rating of 27 points. A Five Star rating is achieved by 7 points - this building way exceeds this figure to give approximately 6.5 star performance.

Building Performance
The owners have reported the passive cooling to be excellent with a maximum internal temperature of 28degrees on a 40degree day outside.

“This project is a successful demonstration of the incorporation of ecologically sustainable design principles and modern aesthetics,” said Geoff Hoare, Chair of the Judging Panel. “The building is an amalgamation of effective planning, excellent use of materials, high thermal efficiency, and is a state of the art example of contemporary environmentally sustainable building design.”