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Callignee II Regeneration


Most Innovative Use of Steel

Hamilton Design Pty Ltd
(03) 9707 1824
Chris Clarke
Alicia Taylor & Lifestyle Channel

Callignee II - Regeneration

In a hotly debated category, this "one out of left field" entrant yet again impressed the judges tremendously. In this building, steel is not only used as a structural and purposeful component, but is interwoven throughout to become part of the aesthetic fabric of the home. All this can be seen in the expansive use of exposed steel framing and rusted Corten steel cladding to the exterior of the building, which almost dominates the other materials. The interior of the dwelling also retains the exposed steel framing connection, and steel grid-mesh provides part of the floor structure to the upstairs bedroom loft. Truly unique! Exposed metal-plate connections, rusty old steel bollards and plating additionally help form the furniture and fittings, like the dining table and seating. The focal point of the kitchen "the concrete island bench" is housed in a steel perimeter beam which retains evidence of the fire that razed the original dwelling. Inside and out, steel has helped create a remarkable building. This left no doubt in the judges minds that "Callignee II" well deserved this award.