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Melbourne Water Administration Building


Commercial Design - New Project

Pavan Consultants
(03) 9471 2999
Scott McPherson

Melbourne Water Administration Building

The designer was given a brief to implement various initiatives in engaging environmentally sustainable design initiatives. These include impact on site and surrounding landscape, usage and implementation.

With commercial buildings being high energy users, this design has produced and implemented methods that while existing are not always considered for a commercial design.

The roof curvature and angle provide the correct angle and positioning to encapsulate and maximise the sun's rays and for solar gain via photovoltaic cells, while most roof designs incorporate traditional straight lines and angles.

Stormwater runoff is collected and reused in the landscaped surrounds, while the rainwater is reused for flushing and irrigation, maintaining a sustainable approach to the usage of the site and improving greatly the impact of a commercial building on a rural position.

Glazing is used efficiently to allow natural lighting to penetrate throughout the building. Extensive measures have been taken into consideration to minimise the reliance on mechanical heating and cooling through the use of plant wasted hot and chilled water.

Choices made for fixtures, fittings, linings, furniture and appliances have all added to the exceptional outcome that is a deserved winner.