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BDAV 2013 Building Design Awards

The Toorak Project

Winner Drafting Excellence Award

Designer:Royston Wilson DesignBuilder:Hocking Build & Construct
Phone:(03) 9822 3173 Photographer:Andrew Ashton Photography 

Providing a design for a building of a large magnitude requires some skill. Providing for a re-design of a very large, partially built home requires AMAZING skill. The complexities of working around existing shapes and form take persons of real forethought, and to make bold changes to this form and create something new from the ashes takes imagination and guts.

All sounds inspirational, but how do you put those thoughts down in a format that portrays your ideas and in a manner that builders can correctly interpret in order to build that dream…. Excellent drafting!

Properly drafted plans are the backbone of every project, and reduce costs, time delays and the confusion poorly drafted plans can often create.

The drawings provided for this project by Guy Blancato from Royston Wilson Design encapsulate all the right measures of detail and clarity. Plan layouts, elevations, sections and detail-grabs are concise, extremely detailed, but not cluttered.

Too often there is a desire to attempt to put as much detail; particularly with regard to accompanying notes on the one plan sheet. Here the draftsperson has been very mindful of this common endeavour and has, instead, provided plans which are very detailed, and very easy to read. From construction details to joinery details, lines weights are clean, and never too heavy, text placement ideal, font size legible and consistent. No misunderstandings here.

Just as important, too, is a good understanding of the built form, and regulatory knowledge, and these qualities shine out. Indeed a worthy winner.