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About Design Matters

Building Designers Association of Victoria Inc trading as Design Matters is an industry body which acts for building design professionals. Building Designers Association of Victoria Inc is a not-for-profit organisation, registered under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act. It is managed by a committee of volunteers from amongst the membership, whose objective is to advance the profession of building design, by offering cost-effective, quality, membership services and benefits to meet the needs of this growing sector of the building industry community. The Association has over 2,000 Members.

Members share a common interest and are required to observe the Association's Constitution and Rules. A Code of Ethics assuring honourable and professional practice within the design sector and the building industry binds Members.

Design Matters members are in high demand, and are involved in all aspects of the building design profession, including the design of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and all other types of buildings.

The building design profession has undergone many changes over the last 30 years, and one of the most significant areas of change has been in the area of training. There are numerous formal courses available today, at Degree, Diploma, Associate Diploma and Certificate level, and graduates of these courses are well equipped to undertake the vast range of building design projects required by the marketplace. The majority of Design Matters members are modern-day graduates who have undertaken comprehensive training, and are well qualified to carry out the various facets involved in building design.

Building Designers carry out a broad range of roles in the design process, including pre-design services, site analysis, schematic design, design development, contract documentation, and some are involved in contract administration.

Design Matters' membership represents a significant sphere of influence, as specifiers and co-ordinators of the full range of building activity and, as such, play a vital role in the building construction process.

As a result of developing close relationships, Design Matters has gained acceptance amongst government agencies and industry groups as an authority on building design issues, and its views are sought and respected. Design Matters is represented on a number of major, influential government Committees and Boards, and regularly meets with relevant stakeholders.

Design Matters is an industry leader in continuing professional development and has won industry awards for its CPD delivery. Design Matters' CPD program features industry-specific educational seminars, general meetings and other educational events which provide Design Matters members and other interested persons with numerous opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge on a wide range of issues.

Design Matters co-ordinates a successful Building Design Awards competition each year to promote excellence in building design. The Association also produces an annual consumer-oriented magazine - Awarded - to coincide with our Awards event, which features all winners, entrants, and sponsors. The magazine has become a popular publication for Victoria’s discerning home buying and renovating public.