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BDAV People

The BDAV is governed by a Committee of Management elected from amongst the membership, which currently comprises:

Dominique Hunter
Vice President
Ingrid Hornung
Peter Lombo
Immediate Past President
Lindsay Douglas
Committee Member
Timothy Ellis
Committee Member
Andrew Ferris
Committee Member
Jeremy Spencer
Committee Member
Greg Blanch
Committee Member
position vacant

Day-to-day administration is handled by:

Chief Executive Officer Kate Bell
Executive Officer Giselle Grynbaum
Administration Officer Mandy Savoria
Membership Officer Sherlyn Moynihan
TPA Executive Officer Emily Schiavello


BDAV Regional Co-ordinators

The following BDAV Regional Co-ordinators are the liaison link between the BDAV’s office and the respective BDAV Region:

Central Victoria Regional Co-ordinator
Currently vacant
Ballarat Regional Co-ordinator
Kevin Murphy
Gippsland East Regional Co-ordinator
Currently vacant
Gippsland West Regional Co-ordinator
Colin Brown
North-East Victoria Regional Co-ordinator
Robert Rowland
South-West Victoria Regional Co-ordinator
Currently vacant

BDAV Presidents

The Presidents of the BDAV, over the years, have been:

President 1983 – 1984
Bruce Pittard
Rob Parker (deceased)
President 1984 – 1987
Ronald Pickford
President 1987 – 1989
Graeme Hewitt
President 1989 – 1991
Kevin Slater
President 1991 – 1993
David Cooke
President 1993 – 1997
Robert McLauchlan
President 1997 – 1999
Sean Hamilton
President 1999 – 2001
Tony Iseppi
President 2001 – 2004
Geoffrey Hoare
President 2004 – 2006
Roy Hodgson
President 2006 – 2008
David Mulhall
President 2008 – 2010
Darryl Crumpton
President 2010 – 2012 Tim Adams
President 2012 – 2014 Michael O'Sullivan
President 2014 – 2016 Alastair McDonald
President 2016 – 2018
Lindsay Douglas
President 2018 – 2020
Dominique Hunter