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Continuing Professional Development

Design Matters offers a very successful structured continuing professional development program which enables members to continually upskill their knowledge. More and more, clients are seeking to engage professionals who constantly keep up-to-date with changes to regulations and trends.

Design Matters presents an informative series of seminars, regional meetings, webinars and workshops covering the latest industry reforms, innovations and tools which are vital to the success of a professional design practice. Guest speakers are chosen for their expertise and ability to impart knowledge that is of benefit to members. The philosophy of Design Matters is that continuing professional development is not a revenue-generating activity. As a result, costs for attendance at Design Matters seminars and workshops are at nominal rates to cover actual expenses incurred by Design Matters to present these programs to the industry.

Design Matters Continuing Professional Development Program commenced on 1 November 1996. The Program was introduced to ensure members maintain a professional approach to education and upskilling, given the impact of the constant changes in technology, regulations and liability occurring in the building industry.

The CPD Program is voluntary, and requires a Member to achieve a minimum of 15 CPD points per annum. Successful participation and completion of the CPD program is required for advancement of members through the membership structure of Design Matters. However, Members who are also accredited Thermal Performance Assessors are required to achieve a minimum of 12 CPD points per annum to be eligible for accreditation renewal each year.

CPD Points are only allocated for actual hours spent in active participation in structured seminars and courses. 

Design Matters Members have a personalised CPD Manager accessed via the MEMBER pages of this website where they can record details of CPD attendance and download a CPD statement whenever required. 

Whilst Design Matters conducts its own CPD program, approved courses by other organisations are eligible for accrual of points, and Members can upload these at any time in their online CPD Manager, but a Certificate of Attendance must also be uploaded, which validates that the member actually attended the course.

Since 2004, Design Matters has been videotaping selected CPD seminars, to enable remote location members, or those members unable to personally attend seminars to purchase a DVD of the proceedings, and thereby keep up-to-date on professional topics. Since 2008, a questionnaire has also accompanied newly taped seminars which, upon satisfactory completion and returning to Design Matters, enables the Member to achieve CPD points for viewing any such DVD.

Members who order a webinar presentation and who wish to have the CPD point recorded in their CPD Manager should email to Design Matters a brief summary of the key points you learned by viewing the webinar. This validates that the member actually viewed it. (This is not required by those members who view the webinar on the scheduled screening date.)

Available DVDs, audio presentations, and webinar presentations may be purchased at the Webshop at this website.