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The Convertible House


Winner: Most Innovative Use of Steel
Winner: Designology Pty Ltd

(03) 9642 7512
Designology Pty Ltd
Denise Stewart & Kaye Crole

The Convertible House

This project visually provides an initial reason for innovation in the use of steel as a design and construct medium. However, it is not just the cladding in barrel form or the operable awnings that are innovative.

The design and construct of this building in Newbury near Trentham combine the use of – and implementation of – steel from inception to completion.

The ‘barrel’ shape was enabled by using high tensile lightweight steel framing as the structure. An innovative system that enabled the barrel vault roof to take shape, while not only been aerodynamic is also fire resistant – an important aspect to designs in a wildfire zone.

The ramp and balconies, while giving an industrial feel to the building, add to the value of the construction yet ensure low maintenance. The lightness of all the construction and design elements remove any concept of builk mass when considering steel as an option for a design of this nature.

The ‘steel barrel’ works; it is innovative, original in its concept while traditional in its aesthetic. The combination of chosen materials and structural design has paid dividends for the final result.

This project also won Best Energy Efficient Design-Residential, Best Environmentally Sustainable Design–Residential, and Most Innovative Use of Water Efficiency.