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10 Star Challenge Finalists 2012

BDAV 10-Star Challenge 2012

The BDAV's 2012 10-Star Challenge features two categories: Single Dwellings and Multi-Residential projects. The following have been announced as Finalists in this year’s 10-Star Challenge (listed in alphabetical order):

Single Dwelling Finalists

Dig Design in collaboration with Energy LAB
This entry successfully created a well-zoned functional design that presents well in the streetscape. Passive solar design was utilised to achieve a balance of solar access, shading, thermal mass, high level insulation and maximised cross ventilation optimising the comfort of the occupants. The contemporary design is well articulated creating visual interest from the street.


Gruen Eco Design
This contemporary design, with clean lines and clever cantilevers, creates architectural appeal and a well-proportioned building. Innovative non-toxic and renewable building materials were used in combination with triple glazed PVC windows. The building has a small footprint; however, generous room sizes and good use of multi purposes areas create a practical and visual appealing design solution.


Melbourne Design Studios
This contemporary design has very interesting street appeal. The design employs passive solar principles, orienting living spaces to the north and service spaces to the south. Social sustainability has also been incorporated thoughtfully into the design with a mix of communal and private indoor and outdoor living spaces. Traditional building materials were specified for the build with detailed specification of sustainable and low-toxic materials. Despite its small footprint of just 145 sqm, the space-efficient design doesn’t compromise on functionality and caters well for everyday living.


Multi-Residential Finalists

EME Design in collaboration with Greensphere Consulting
A co-housing design has been created for 16 homes incorporating consolidated gardens, featuring a food forest, orchards, and vegetable gardens, a community building with a commercial kitchen and play area, shared rainwater collection and water treatment plant. This is an innovative approach for homes designed for urban residents who are committed to a more engaged sustainable lifestyle. The inclusion of a greenhouse/winter garden to harvest additional solar gain in winter months for passive heating is an original and innovative design element. The judges also noted the sympathetic way the building’s roof form and façade is designed to integrate well with the streetscape.


F2 Design in collaboration with Josh Fraser & David Henson
This is a visually appealing, compact and high performance house for low income families. The adaptable house has been designed with modular components based on a four metre grid which can accommodate single, dual or multi-person occupation. Flexible siting options also mean multiple dwellings can be built on a single site without compromising private open space for each home. The design also incorporates renewable energy technologies, water saving measures, and sustainably sourced construction materials. Despite its modular and low cost design, this well-articulated house with a roof form of various heights results in a visually interesting and affordable home.


Maxa Design
The modular footprint is a good use of space allowing for a high number of residences on a single lot while still maintaining adequate secluded private open space for each dwelling. Recycled materials and non-toxic materials are utilised as well as 18,000 litre underground water storage for rainwater harvesting. A photovoltaic system powers the entire site without demand on the utilities. Interesting elements such as an electric vehicle charging bay, recycling station, communal food walls and orchards are included. Individual vegetable gardens to each unit have also been incorporated.


10 Star Challenge Entrants

The BDAV congratulates the following entrants in the 2012 10-Star Challenge who achieved 10 Stars:

  • Armsby Architects
  • Beaumont Concepts
  • Bernadette Lewis
  • Beaumont Concepts
  • Central Victoria Sustainable Solutions
  • Designing Spaces
  • Dig Design in collaboration with Energy Lab
  • Ecofficient Design
  • EME Design Pty Ltd in collaboration with Greensphere Consulting
  • F2 Design in collaboration with Josh Fraser + David Hansen
  • Gruen Eco Design
  • Maxa Design Pty Ltd
  • Melbourne Design Studios Pty Ltd
  • Parts Per Million
  • Paul Caldwell Building Design & Drafting in collaboration with Caleb Young- Green Rate
  • Positive Footprints Pty Ltd
  • Timothy Ellis Building Design
  • Virtual Home Design in collaboration with Floyd Energy

10 Star Challenge Sponsor

The BDAV acknowledges, with thanks, the continuing support of Kingspan Insulation, the sponsor of the 10-Star Challenge.