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Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars


Winner: Commercial Design – Alterations/Additions
Winner: BB Design Group Pty Ltd

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ABD Group
Anthony Mok

Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars

From the outset, to successfully sell prestige cars, one cannot do this with a mediocre construction of a building to house or display them within. The clientele who buy prestige cars expect to see their future purchases in an environment that indicates a statement as bold and powerful as the cars themselves.

The Commercial Alterations & Addtiions winning design is one that provides such an environment form, both from the external viewpoint to the passerby, to the highly finished interior of the building located in North Melbourne.

The choice of materials of glass and steel provides an aesthetic that is evidently commercial; however, it is the dynamic lines and light access through the interior that encapsulates this choice.

Areas throughout the interior from the showroom floor to the boardroom and the staff kitchen area all benefit from the decisions made in providing natural lighting. Externally the building is evidence of a previous site that is now a landmark of its own.