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O'Connor Residence


Winner: Drafting Excellence Award
Winner: Scott Steele from R L Watts Design Pty Ltd

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Danian Developments Pty Ltd
Les Hams

O'Connor Residence

Scott Steele – the draftsperson of the O’Connor Residence in Blairgowrie, working under the supervision of the very experienced Ray Watts – is a worthy winner of the Drafting Excellence Award. In a hotly debated category, this entrant impressed the judges, as well as the consultants and practitioners engaged to work on the project.

The provision of excellently drafted plans is the basis for a building process that runs smoothly from the plan check right through construction to the finished product. Properly prepared plans provide the backbone of a project; and reduce time delays and unnecessary costs. These plans encapsulate the right measure of detail, and clarity, in a balance which is often hard to come by. What is not enough, but how much is too much?

Elevations and sections and detail-grabs for this project are concise and, whilst provided with an abundance of details, are not cluttered.

You’ll rarely find a building surveyor or building contractor complain that there is ‘too’ much detail.

As with all buildings that appear simple, considerable experience, thought and careful planning is essential to achieve a successful outcome. Through clear, concise and well detailed working drawings, all consultants involved in this project agreed that excellent drafting was a major contributor to this project’s success.

Experience shows here, and it is obvious that the designer has an excellent grasp of building regulatory knowledge. This design is certainly a worthy winner for this award.