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The Convertible House


Winner: Most Innovative Use of Water Efficiency
Winner: Designology Pty Ltd

(03) 9642 7512
Designology Pty Ltd
Denise Stewart & Kaye Crole

The Convertible House

Capturing, harvesting and storing water on site is at very least a requirement in rural settings particularlywith wildfire overlays. This opportunity has also been addressed in the holistic manner in which this design has considered all its environmental design aspects.

The ‘Convertible House’ is just that – convertible. It converts the intrinsic and surrounding environment to meet its own needs and requirements. In a rural and wildfire zone, one of the most important resources to have is water.

This is achieved through potable water being harvested via a barrel vault roof/wall area via underslung half round gutters. Due to the barrel shape, the majority of leaf litter falls off the roof cladding at the vertical position, thus preventing – or at least reducing – the impact of leaf blockage in gutters and downpipes.

Excess water run-off from the tanks, deck areas and surface water is directed into the dam on the property, further maintaining the completion of water usage and retention.

Overall the design – and its holistic approach to its environment – pays tribute to an outcome of sustainable practices in a complete manner.

This project also won Best Energy Efficient Design-Residential, Best Environmentally Sustainable Design–Residential as well as Most Innovative Use of Steel.